Advertising on OTT, CTV and Linear TV Explained

For this episode, we talk about OTT and CTV and how you can accurately measure how well your digital ad campaigns are performing – just like your other digital campaigns.

OTT and CTV are very popular ways of advertising and getting your messaging on TV in an advertising format, but they are in fact different not only different from each other, but different from traditional TV advertising as well.

We do a dive into further explaining these definitions:

OTT (over-the-top): Generally the delivery of video on demand through a typical streaming provider, which basically implies circumventing or going around the traditional TV players to bring that digital streaming content. Now that differs from CTV in a few ways.

CTV (connected TV): With CTV, the device is more natively, internet-connected. That might be a smart TV or gaming console, but otherwise the device is always connected to wifi and behaves more like a traditional internet connected device.

Linear TV: Linear TV, or traditional TV, is just the TV that you would tune into through your cable provider or even the bunny ears or rabbit ears antenna that would bring you a traditional network.

Enjoy the episode.