How iOS 15 Impacts Email Marketing

In this episode of the LeadsRx Attribution Marketing Channel, we tackle the effects the Apple iOS 15 update is having on email marketing.

The update that is causing a lot of grief for marketers is in Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection setting.

Mail Privacy Protection works by hiding users’ IP address and loading remote content privately in the background.

This makes it harder for senders to follow user email activity. So what does that mean as a marketer? It basically means every single email that gets delivered to an Apple device, an Apple mail account will be marked as open. They are going to go retrieve that content, download the pixel, and whatever else you’ve packaged with it.

This part of the iOS 15 update is going to disrupt email marketing that goes to Apple mail accounts and Apple mail.

Watch the video for details about the iOS 15 update from Apple as it pertains to email marketing.