9 Performance Marketing Trends Defining Advertising Success in 2021

The latest video on the LeadsRx Attribution Marketing Channel examines 9 trends that all marketers should be watching to improve advertising and marketing campaign success for the remainder of 2021 (and beyond).

Watch this informative video, featuring experienced marketer Lucas Sommer. Below is the quick version of the list. Lucas adds great color to the list in this video.

The 9 Performance Marketing Trends

  1. Third-Party Cookies are Being Restricted; Apple’s Consumer Opt-in Changing the Landscape
  2. Collaborative Marketing and Attribution for Ecosystems
  3. Ad Networks Will Continue to Buy Up CDPs
  4. Meteoric Growth of Podcasts and OTT Won’t Slow Down
  5. Web Lift Alone Won’t Cut It Anymore for Radio and TV Advertising
  6. 2020’s COVID-19 Disruption Proves Businesses Need D2C Strategy to Survive in 2021
  7. Incrementality – A Great Idea in a Vacuum; Very Difficult in Practice
  8. Point Solutions Will Likely Become Free Tools
  9. More Vendors Will Offer Bolt-on Attribution Solutions

You can also read the full blog that breaks down the list further.