#18 The Truth About Podcast Attribution | Bryan Barletta of Sounds Profitable

Podcast consumption is growing – and so are podcast ad budgets.

Podcast ads are unique when it comes to attribution – part digital, part broadcast, part, “I’ll download this now, but listen to it later.” 

Bryan Barletta of SoundsProfitable.com (a great source for podcast industry news), discusses how the podcast adverting industry works – and how you can make it work for you.

Topics include:

  • Spotify’s uniquely dominate “Walled Garden” (since recording this episode, they announced the acquisition of Megaphone)
  • How to approach podcast advertising for what it is; not trying to treat it like digital
  • What metrics are possible in podcast advertising
  • The dominance of host-read advertising
  • The future of podcast advertising tech

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Podcast Attribution: How it Works

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