#5 Westwood One Chief Insights Officer: Why Broadcast is Vital for D2C Brands

Direct-to-consumer brands should undoubtedly consider broadcast as an effective marketing channel, says Pierre Bouvard, Chief Insights Officer of Westwood One. In this episode, he reveals insights from the second annual Westwood One-LeadsRx Direct-to-Consumer Media Attribution and Awareness Report that found radio and TV delivered 7 times the lift of Google and Facebook during the study time period.

Broadcast is a vital tool for creating brand awareness and, Pierre shares, the more brand-building you do, the easier lower-funnel actions become. After all, the job of advertising is to remind consumers of brands so when they are ready to act and buy, they remember your brand, and TV and radio are ideal for doing so, he adds. Enjoy this episode and see the Westwood One blog and LeadsRx blog that unpack the study a bit further.

There were several other articles mentioned in this episode that are great follow up resources to review.