#68 Rachel Hernandez breaks down how to leverage content and SEO within an AI driven digital world

In this episode of the Attribution Marketing podcast by LeadsRx, we discuss with Rachel Hernandez, Director of Brand Strategy at Next Net Media, various aspects of digital marketing, particularly focusing on content creation, SEO, and the evolving landscape of online visibility.

Rachel shares her marketing journey, emphasizing her background in content creation and the evolution of storytelling in the digital era. We discuss the importance of brand identity and authenticity in content marketing, especially for enterprises navigating the digital space. We also touch on the impact of AI on SEO strategies, highlighting the significance of topical authority and adapting to changes in search algorithms.

Moreover, Rachel talks through the impending changes with the elimination of third-party cookies and advocates for a shift towards first-party data for retargeting efforts. Rachel underscores the importance of agility in adapting to these changes and optimizing marketing strategies accordingly.