#52 Leif Welch on OTT Advertising and Attribution

Leif Welch, Founder and CEO of JamLoop, an Over-the-Top (OTT) and Connected TV (CTV) demand-side advertising platform, talks about the burgeoning streaming video business and how marketers can use it to promote their brands and businesses.

Leaning in on his deep industry experience in both digital advertising and programmatic media buying, Leif speaks to the more granular targeting capabilities that OTT and CTV provide vs. linear (or traditional TV). While traditional cable television began branching out and using capabilities to serve up ads on a regional basis, so say folks in Philadelphia would see different ads than viewers in Los Angeles; OTT can serve up specific ads at a household level.

“We can get even much deeper by blending in data that we have on prior purchasing behavior or political leanings or psychographic behaviors, and all of those types of targeting can be done at the household level in a digital product like OTT and you just can’t do that on a linear,” he says. 

Listen in as Leif talks all things OTT and CTV and how JamLoop is using marketing analytics, specifically multi-touch attribution, to measure the effectiveness of streaming campaigns for its customers. Read more about JamLoop’s success using the LeadsRx OTT attribution capabilities.