#51 Justin Bowen of The Great American Home Store Goes Omni-Channel and Full-Funnel with Attribution

Justin Bowen had a major impact on the success of The Great American Home store by implementing a modern and robust marketing analytics, data, and attribution strategy. His approach, with full buy-in and trust of the impartial insights by business leadership, helped the marketing department succeed and the business grow, including surviving and thriving through the first year of the pandemic.

Justin talks about how he uses attribution data and insights to inform decision-making that helps improve marketing performance, from choosing the right TV show to advertise on, to measuring the effectiveness of 3D furniture displays on the company’s website, to informing the right moves of the GAHS growing omni-channel marketing approach.

Coming soon will be a profile on Justin as part of the new LeadsRx “People + Data = Better” series in which we shine a light on agency and enterprise marketers doing good with data.