#49 Pierre Bouvard from Cumulus and Westwood One Covers Audio Advertising Performance

Pierre Bouvard, Chief Insights Officer at Cumulus Media and Westwood One, shares his take on the audio industry, specifically the move over the last seven years or so to better measure the medium’s effectiveness.

He talks about how attribution shows audio’s impact, be it radio, streaming or podcasts, and proves how audio “lifts” brand awareness and drives website traffic.

“What we have found and a lot of other much smarter people have found who specialize in marketing effectiveness is the single most significant driver to sales effect is not media, it’s creative,” Pierre says. “50% to 70% of the results of your campaign have to do with the creative, and so what attribution has allowed us to do is actually turn the focus away from media and a lot of the what I would call very small levers (you know like how long is the ad and when do I run it) to the big lever of creative and say which creative asset is really driving search and site traffic for me.”

He shares an example of a national jewelry chain that was running seven different pieces of copy on the radio throughout the country, “and we found through the LeadsRx data, one of the seven campaigns represented maybe 10 or 15% of the impressions but 25% of all the site traffic,” he says.

Hear more from Pierre and take advantage of the knowledge he has after years in the audio and audio measurement industries.

In addition, there is a full transcript of the interview with links to studies he sites throughout.