#40 Dr. Miami’s Rosy Zion Explains HIPAA Compliance and the Customer Journey

Rosy Zion has for years been working with Dr. Michael Salzhauer, best know as Dr. Miami. She talks the uniqueness of marketing a plastic surgery practice, including before-and-after marketing stories, reality TV, documentaries, YouTube videos and more.

With over a million viewers and followers on SnapChat, Instagram, TikTok, social media is rolling for Dr. Miami, and its offices have become a tourist destination. The days of fearing social media are long gone.

Rosy explains how plastic surgery changes peoples’ lives, and how marketing focuses on demystifying the negative views toward plastic surgery.

Consumer privacy in the medical-related space is of vital importance, and Rosy explains how they comply with privacy laws as patients willingly share their before-and-after photos.

Listen for more about how Rosy and the Dr. Miami team manages sensitive data, working with vendors to make sure they too are meeting compliance standards, as well as a host of other issues the practice deals with on a daily basis.

She also discusses customer journeys, which continue before, during, and long after a patient seeks help.