#31 Noz Urbina On Content Marketing and Building Trusted Relationships with Customers

On today’s episode, LeadsRx has Urbina, who is a globally recognized leader in the field of content strategy and customer experience. He literally wrote the book on content strategy for organizations and he walks us through those winning strategies. He is the founder of Urbina Consulting, which has the goal of helping brands build and nurture relationships with consumers just as people have relationships with each other. It’s about who are the people (customers), how are brands relevant to them, and how do brands earn their trust so they willingly want to make a purchase from those brands.

He also touches on how to compete as cookie data becomes deprecated, and how marketers need to take a D2C approach to continue winning. Noz says it’s about staying relevant, owning the relationships, and managing the data you have: “How do I understand these people better? Who am I targeting specifically? And how do I build a direct relationship where they know my brand and they understand the relevance of my brand?”

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