#23 9 Clouds: Helping Auto Dealers Avoid Common Automotive Marketing Mistakes and Optimize Ad Spend | Podcast

In this episode, we talk about the marketing challenges and opportunities auto dealerships live with on a daily basis with CEO and Managing Partner Sarah Carnes and Sales and Outreach Manager Matt Stoffel of 9 Clouds. 9 Clouds is an agency that provides digital marketing services for auto dealers, healthcare practices and more.

Sarah and Matt share their experiences working with auto dealerships in an effort to provide transparency in their marketing data and, through lots of testing of campaigns, help auto dealers learn about customer journeys and which paths best lead to conversions (sales of autos).

From the automotive industry’s unique co-op reimbursement model to keeping up with the ever-changing rules from advertising giants Facebook and Google, get the inside scoop on how 9 Clouds partners with its clients to navigate and overcome marketing challenges.

Learn about the importance of unbiased, third-party campaign measurement, and how the principles for successful automotive industry marketing are applicable to many other businesses, such as 9 Clouds manufacturing, agricultural and healthcare clients, to name a few.