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  • Jan 14, 2022
  • By Cam Sivesind
LeadsRx Enthusiastically Joins the Unbounce Team

The blend of Unbounce’s conversion intelligence solution with LeadsRx multi-touch attribution and customer journey analytics means very good things for both companies and their customers.

The LeadsRx team is proud and excited to now be an Unbounce company. The Unbounce platform and its pre-optimized landing pages, AI-copy creation, and campaign optimization tools help over 100,000 marketers accelerate their leads, sales and ROI. The acquisition officially closed at the end of December 2021.

Aligning our two marketing technologies will unlock new opportunities to help marketers and businesses grow smarter and faster. LeadsRx will continue to operate as a division of Unbounce for the foreseeable future. Our collective goal is helping marketers from all size businesses increase marketing performance.

With LeadsRx, Unbounce wants to help their customers experience the power of marketing attribution and customer journey analytics. This dynamic duo of offerings will help Unbounce customers optimize ROAS, reduce customer acquisition cost (CAC), and increase customer lifetime value (LTV). And with access to customer journey analytics, Unbounce customers have the opportunity to unify journeys across browsers, apps, and devices with built-in identity resolution.

Both companies seek to augment marketers’ expertise to help them stay nimble and build strong campaigns. The conversion intelligence approach allows marketers to augment their expertise with AI, and LeadsRx arms courageous marketers with the ability to see a customer’s full path to purchase.

Expanding Customer Bases at Both Companies

Since the company’s inception 13 years ago, Unbounce has been focused on helping primarily small and midsize businesses (SMBs) grow their conversions in smarter, less time consuming ways and more recently experience the power of conversion intelligence (CI) solutions. A quick definition of why CI is a smarter way to market: “Machine learning and AI insights let you predict visitor behavior ahead of time so you can launch campaigns that are more relevant to your audience – right from the get-go. This means lower ad costs and an average conversion rate increase of over 30%.”

The LeadsRx customer base has mainly been mid-market and enterprise businesses and agencies helping companies and brands improve return on ad spend (ROAS). By combining forces, these two companies hope to expand their service offering to many more marketers and businesses looking to accelerate their marketing performance.

The crossover experience of Unbounce working with SMBs and LeadsRx executing on behalf of the mid-market to enterprise business segments will reap benefits for businesses of all sizes and verticals.  We’re excited to learn from each other, help each other and, in the end, help our loyal customers and prospective customers.

As Sarah Gooding, Head of PR & Corporate Communications at Unbounce said in Unbounce’s announcement post, “Together, Unbounce and LeadsRx will unlock new opportunities to help marketers and businesses grow smarter and faster.”

Both Unbounce and LeadsRx are deeply committed to being people-first and values-aligned businesses and believe that these are both important ingredients to any successful company and team. Unbounce and LeadsRx also share a passion for giving back to our communities through their many social impact efforts.  

We’re looking forward to further expanding LeadsRx into Canada and increasing the Unbounce footprint into the U.S. It’s also nice to combine the vibes of Portland, OR, and Vancouver, BC – two unique and beautiful cities where each headquarters are located.

2022 will bring new products, pricing models for SMBs, and more opportunities to combine forces with a powerful new partner to help our customers and more marketers accelerate their business growth. 

About Unbounce

Unbounce is a Conversion Intelligence platform for small and midsize businesses that pairs a marketer’s own know-how and expertise with machine learning to effortlessly increase sales and conversions. From pre-optimized landing pages to compelling copy creation, to campaign optimization with the flip of a switch, Unbounce is helping marketers grow smarter and faster. Founded in Vancouver, BC, Unbounce is a people-first business, one of Canada’s most admired corporate cultures and has powered over 1.5 billion conversions worldwide.

As the band Timbuk 3 wrote in its 1986 hit, “The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.”