Start Building Traffic With Landing Pages Built With Lander

When you launch your business online one of the first things you research is: How do I start getting traffic?

You’ll find a lot of differents answers, but the quickest way is paid advertising.  So you start using Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Bing and other channel ads.

You create your ads and start sending that traffic to your homepage. Here’s where I have to stop you. Definitely wrong.

This is the reason why you’re not getting the leads or results you were expecting.

Don’t worry, we have the solution. To make the most of your advertising spend, you need pages that are focused and related with each of your ads.

How Do I Do That You Ask? With Landing Pages!

A landing page is a page where traffic is sent specifically to prompt a certain action or result. You need to have an specific Landing Page for each one of your ads or campaign.

This is because your ad promotes something specific, landing pages allows you to focus on the one goal and focusing on a single goal is the way to get the results you want.

Remember this

”Landing Page allows you to focus on one goal, therefore on conversions”  

Landing Pages improve your results, be it sales, form submissions, calls, downloads or shares. Landing Pages narrow your focus and remove the clutter that could distract your visitor from taking the action you want them to take.

To be clear Landing Pages are really important for your advertising programs because they:

  • Increase your conversions
  • Save you money & time

When Should You Use Landing Pages?

Use a Landing Page every time you run an advertising campaign, like Pay-Per-Click campaign, Social Media Ads, Email Marketing, Display Banners and more.

If you still have questions, let’s see some practical examples of when to use Landing Pages:

  • As destinations in your pay-per-click ads (Adwords, AdSense, Bing)
  • To create anticipation about a product launch
  • To segment your offers
  • As destinations in your social media ads
  • To segment your audience
  • To promote an event or webinar
  • To set up your Portfolio
  • Specific promotions
  • Email Marketing, when you do a specific promotion such as: Holidays, Hot Sales, Cyber Monday, etc.
  • Partnerships
  • Each page of a website could be a Landing Page

Landing Page Benefits

  1. Customization

Landing Pages allows you to customize and experiment as much as you need-thus to show or emphasize different aspects of your offer.

  1. Efficiency

Allows you to use a more efficient and focused language as the one you use on your website, as Landing Pages lets you present your offer with a clear call to action.

  1. Control

Gives you full control of your campaign’s results with tools like Lander. The information used in  each Landing Page is segmented so you’ll be able to compare the results obtained in each marketing campaign.

  1. Focus on Keywords

The creation of an additional corporate Landing Page allows you to multiply your company in the search engine results. You can use specific domains that empower your most important keywords.

  1. Agility, Security & Flexible
  • It is not necessary to involve your IT department to create Landing Pages.
  • It’s secure so no need to access the corporate web FTP.
  • Allows you to continuously improve your landing page, as you’re able to adapt your landing page based on the results.

Final Words

Your Landing Page is the perfect place to start a conversation, ask a question, invite discussions and welcome clicks into your site. And this may be your only chance to reel in a visitor and convince them that your offer is worth their time and attention.