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  • Apr 12, 2022
  • By Cam Sivesind
Oribi Alternative: LeadsRx has your Marketing Analytics needs covered

LeadsRx alternative to Oribi

LeadsRx is a great option for Oribi customers in need of impartial marketing analytics

The absorption of Oribi by LinkedIn appears to be the end for the Israel-based marketing analytics company. While LinkedIn will leverage the Oribi technology for its LinkedIn customers to measure how effective LinkedIn advertising is working – essentially grading its own homework – Oribi no longer independently serves clients of its own.

LeadsRx is more than happy to fill the void with our impartial marketing analytics services we’ve been refining for nearly 7 years. Our goal is to help our customers – brands, agencies, enterprises, media companies – improve marketing performance through insights garnered from multi-touch attribution (MTA) and customer journey analytics (CJA)

We know firsthand how the world of marketing analytics is changing, plus mergers and acquisitions are occurring at a regular clip, with LeadsRx having been acquired by Unbounce in December 2021.

Oribi Competitors Like LeadsRx are Ready to Serve

But unlike the LinkedIn-Oribi deal where Oribi’s technology and top skilled workers were absorbed to improve the LinkedIn offering, the Unbounce-LeadsRx deal was strategic in that both companies look to help each other and continue to do what each does best.

Unbounce builds landing pages and boosts campaigns with conversion intelligence. Unbounce offers pre-optimized landing pages through its Smart Builder product and helps create effective copy that is elevated through its Smart Copy product. Unbounce focuses on helping small businesses improve their marketing and brand exposure.

LeadsRx continues to operate independently as a division of Unbounce as both companies get to know one another better. LeadsRx tends to work with mid-size to larger enterprises and agencies.

Because we are still independent, Unbounce provides us the power and support of a larger company but allows us to stay impartial in the work we do for our customers. We continue to measure marketing campaigns without bias toward any medium or device. See a January blog post about the Unbounce acquisition of LeadsRx for more details.

Here’s a snippet: “With LeadsRx, Unbounce wants to help their customers experience the power of marketing attribution and customer journey analytics. This dynamic duo of offerings will help Unbounce customers optimize ROAS, reduce customer acquisition cost (CAC), and increase customer lifetime value (LTV). And with access to customer journey analytics, Unbounce customers have the opportunity to unify journeys across browsers, apps, and devices with built-in identity resolution.”

Oribi Closing Leaves an Opportunity for Marketers to Find New Partners

So if you are/were an Oribi customer or you are in the market for MTA or CJA services, ask for a tour to see what we do. If landing page development and smart content creation are what you need, click those boxes on the demo request form and we’ll align you with our someone from the talented Unbounce team.

We pride ourselves on our impartiality, providing unbiased insights on all channels used in marketing. And we do so with consumer privacy and quality data in mind. We believe “People + Data = Better,” which is the foundation of performance-based measurement.