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  • Mar 06, 2020
  • By Lucas Sommer
Impression Tracking: Display Ad Attribution with LeadsRx

Display ad impressions have often been a difficult channel to attribute back to conversions. It is analogous to the issues with TV and Radio attribution: how do you know if customers were influenced by seeing your message if they don’t interact?

The answer to this question is to track the impression data of that ad set and bring it back into your attribution modeling. When a tracking pixel is included each time ads are served, then customers who were shown that ad will have their attribution journey updated to include that “touch.”

This is what Google and Facebook call a “view-through” conversion. It is great that these networks provide that metric, but the problem is, they don’t share the attribution credit across all the other touchpoints. It actually tends to give the ad network more credit than they deserve.

It’s not surprising that a single person converting would end up seeing a Facebook display ad and a Google display ad. In that circumstance, both Facebook and Google will credit themselves with a “view through conversion.”

Tracking these impressions from the two biggest impression ad servers in the word has been a thorn in advertiser’s sides ever since the proliferation of these platforms. Facebook in particular has historically not wanted to share this data with 3rd party attribution partners.

Through a variety of technologies and integrations, LeadsRx is able to provide attribution insights into these impressions when our partners include our tracking pixel. LeadsRx can then map these impression touchpoints back to the specific customer journeys which saw them.

Using the LeadsRx impression tracking pixel, data marketers gain valuable performance metrics on how a variety of impression based campaigns perform.

For example, if a potential customer visits a website but doesn’t convert, many advertisers will market to that customer with retargeting display ads. With LeadsRx impression tracking, we can attribute conversions proportionately back to those display ads which are the most effective at driving conversion events.

Marketers can then start learning which display ads, offers, messages are bringing customers back to ultimately convert.

Does the 20% off coupon on your display and remarketing campaigns help or hurt your Return on Ad Spend?

Full-funnel, cross-channel impression based attribution with LeadsRx can finally answer that question! If you want a product demo or if you have questions on what display ad networks are integrated with LeadsRx, please contact us today.