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Radio Attribution: Measure Radio Effectiveness

LeadsRx Radio Attribution identifies radio’s effectiveness by using two data sources: Google Analytics and as-run spot logs.

Radio Attribution with LeadsRx

LeadsRx analyzes Google Analytics data and calculates the increase in website traffic once a radio spot has aired. It also tracks how long traffic remains at an increased level once the spot has finished. This “response window” is key to measuring attribution success due to radio advertising. LeadsRx Broadcast Attribution™ counts web sessions plus the types of programming and associated content that work best.

Using LeadsRx, the response window can be changed based on the radio spot. For example, a spot airing during mid-day could have a response window of 10 minutes; while a spot airing during morning or afternoon drive times could have a longer response window of 30 minutes. Monitoring response windows provides flexibility and the ability to fully capture attribution given typical consumer behavior.

LeadsRx Radio Attribution includes 7 standard dimensions and up to 5 custom dimensions based on any criteria you want to evaluate. You can analyze results by daypart, day of the week, station, creative, tone, content, and more.

The rich set of reports pinpoints opportunities for reducing wasted ad spend while also emphasizing what’s working well. 

Second-Breath Attribution

Some advertisers experience what LeadsRx calls “the second breath of radio.” While it’s been proven that many consumers do in fact respond to broadcast ads within a quick time frame, there can occasionally be a meaningful percentage of broadcast listeners who delay action.

Maybe they complete the task they were in the middle of or finish their commute. Then they check out the offer. This delayed-visitor phenomenon often occurs around minute 20 after a spot airs.

This second-breath attribution response window is also important to capture in order to give full credit to the radio medium. Using LeadsRx, a number of custom response windows can be defined at the touchpoint level so that no radio attribution credit is left on the table.

RADIO Attribution Reports

Do you want to know which advertising creative, station, length, time, and geography work the best at driving conversions? These broadcast attribution reports will tell you. 

Want to see all our broadcast reports?

If you would like to learn about all of the LeadsRx features, please schedule a personalized demonstration so we can show you how attribution would work in your use case.

Learn from the Largest Radio Attribution Study… Ever.

Learn exactly how to optimize your broadcast advertisements for conversions. 

Link Sales to Advertising Efforts

There are four key marketing tactics that help drive effective radio advertising. They are:

  1. Response rates are high every day of the week.
  2. Adding incremental budget to your schedule can lead to exponential growth.
  3. Shopping is a daytime activity, correlating with advertising during prime drive times.
  4. Campaigns with multiple ad lengths outperformed single ad-length campaigns by more than 2 times.

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