Case Study: Direct to Consumer Footwear 

A designer and manufacturer of fashion footwear for women wanted a better way to trace its sales – namely how people were finding its “modern wellness fashion” products sourced from sustainable materials. The niche company that prides itself on social fairness in its partnerships needed a niche partner for tracking and analyzing customer journeys.

The Details:

Company Name: (Withheld)
Budget: $329,000/Month
Channels: Criteo, Display, Remarketing, Video, Look-a-like, Facebook, Google Ads, SEO, Email and Referrals
KPI: Increased ROAS and Revenue

The numbers don’t lie. By employing attribution models and acting on the insights, the company was able to increase ROAS 5.5% and revenue by 28%. Attribution data proved the company can profitably scale – learn how you can too!


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