LeadsRx Marketing Attribution Packages

Affordable Pricing for Online Stores and All Businesses

If you're using Shopify for your online store, we have a free version of LeadsRx to get you started with basic attribution. You'll get many of our great features and will be able to analyze non-paid touchpoints including organic search, referred visits, and direct traffic.

Our enterprise product meets the needs of large and global marketing organizations with full-funnel, cross channel attribution modeling. Include both online and offline touchpoints with the ability to track virtually any conversion. Start with a free 2-week trial, then convert to a paid account if you like what you see. Billing adjusts automatically based on the number of Monthly Tracking Events (MTEs*) for your account.

Not quite ready to sign up? Request a quick demonstration of LeadsRx to get more information about capabilities and benefits.

Free attribution for Shopify

AdSpend Monitor for Shopify


  • Instant install for Shopify stores - see results immediately
  • Attribution for all non-paid marketing touchpoints including organic search, referred visits, and direct traffic
  • Real-time attribution modeling using a variety of techniques
  • Revenue attribution to see which channels produce highest order amount
  • Customer journey maps showing all touchpoints and content viewed
Full attribution

LeadsRx for Enterprises

$100 per monthplus $100 per 50,000 Monthly Tracking Events*

  • Real-time attribution modeling for 100% of your marketing touchpoints and conversions
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) analysis showing cost versus revenue by channel or touchpoint
  • Customer journey mapping with progressive profiles and demographic segmentation
  • Integrations with popular systems including Salesforce, Shopify, CallRail, HubSpot, and more
  • Attribution for offline data such as tradeshow lists, radio, television, direct mail, etc.
  • API access for richer conversion tracking
Attribution for agencies

LeadsRx for Agencies

Callfor special pricing

  • All capabilities of LeadsRx for Enterprise with no restrictions
  • Agency dashboard to easily see all clients and to switch between them
  • Create, suspend, or delete clients
  • Centralized billing with reduced fees and no minimum per client
  • Optional direct-to-client billing
  • White label options with your branding and identity
*Monthly Tracking Events (MTEs) include the total number of page views tracked by LeadsRx plus the number of conversions and 25% of ad impressions if this feature is used in the last 30 days before billing.