Marketing Attribution For Enterprise

Marketing attribution shows which organic and paid programs are working best to deliver customers at lower costs and higher lifetime value.

Benefits of Multi-Touch Marketing Attribution

Optimize ROAS

  • Review Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) to quickly compare channel performance independent of media weight
  • Find opportunities to reduce wasted ad spend
  • Re-balance existing budgets across channels that work the best

Increase LTV and Reduce CAC

  • Calculate Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) using a bottoms-up approach
  • See trends in CAC over time periods
  • Monitor Lifetime Value (LTV) and see which programs make a difference

Integrate through your TechStack

  • Pull attribution results using the LeadsRx Open API
  • Connect attribution to popular reporting platforms like NinjaCat, TapClick, Tableau, Data Studio, and more
  • Easily integrate spot logs, cost data, Facebook impressions, and more

Impartial Marketing Attribution is at the Center of LeadsRx

Using conversion pixels from Facebook, Google, and other ad platforms is a great way to get started in attribution. But multi-touch marketing attribution requires a different approach.

LeadsRx uses a proprietary Universal Pixel™ that captures 100% of in-bound traffic to your website no matter where it comes from. The result is an impartial view of attribution across all marketing channels, no duplicate conversion counts, and 100% of your first-party data stays within your own walled garden.

  • Perform attribution across both online and offline channels, including organic search, paid search, organic social, paid social, podcasts, OTT, radio, television, and more
  • Add extra credit for Facebook Ad impressions using the LeadsRx proprietary calculation
  • Integrate quickly with common shopping carts from Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and Woo Commerce
  • Use B2B integrations for popular CRMs including Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Infusionsoft

"Excellent tool for tracking marketing attribution."

Data is reliable. Clear cut information about customer journey. Easy to use without any difficult setup process. Customer support is super helpful and fast responsive.

Information Services, 1001-5000 employees

"LeadsRx marketing attribution connects the dots between TV and online advertising"

The team at LeadsRx is top-notch and support is key. The integration tools and API access allows us to fully integrate with our own platform. We send data and retrieve attributed results. These results can be fine-tuned and adjusted by various attribution models. The simplicity of the front-end and sophistication of the back-end make the product great. The LeadsRx pixel captures consumer activity with millions of TV Spots allowing us to measure the effectiveness of our TV Campaigns.

Broadcast Media, 11-50 employees

"LeadRx Solves Offline Marketing Attribution Tracking Issues "

LeadsRx helps provide proper attribution models that accurately weight our on and offline media presence for more accurate attribution and a better understanding of our consumer’s journey through our site.

Consumer Services, 100-500 employees



Radio and Television Attribution

Linear TV or broadcast/sattelite radio advertising can be included in multi-touch attribution models right along side other channels. See reports for web lift and conversion contribution. Evaluate A/B creative tests. Compare programming formats, dayparts, days of week, and more.

LeadsRx marketing attribution capabilities for radio and television are some of the most advanced in the industry. With thousands of advertisers using LeadsRx to make optimizations on media buys and ad creatives, you can rest assured our approach will work for you too.

  • Flexible attribution window allows you to change the period of attribution credit from seconds to hours at the individual spot level
  • Geofence visitors for local advertising; burst national spots into Nielsen DMA automatically
  • Apply channel filters to remove or include the impact of other marketing programs
  • Monitor decay curves to see how website traffic changes over all aggregated spots
  • Arbitrate station overlap with split credit or by using decay curves, impressions, or both


Measure National Television Commercials, Including Live, Broadcast, and Dual-Feed Cable Programming

LeadsRx Attribution™ supports multi-touch attribution (MTA) for national television commercials, including live, broadcast, and dual-feed cable programming. The solution leads to greater accuracy in attribution results, which means buyers of TV advertising can better optimize their budgets and earn higher return on ad spend (ROAS).

This capability provides support for national television spot logs that take into consideration the complexities of national advertising. The system automatically adjusts the time commercials air according to the type of feed, time zones, and daylight savings time considerations.

This solution is available within the standard LeadsRx Attribution™ product, and there is no extra charge to implement national TV advertising data monitoring, measurement, and insights.

Multi-Touch Marketing Attribution at Scale

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