LeadsRx Attribution in Europe

Get impartial insights about which marketing programs are the most effective at driving return on ad spend.

LeadsRx Attribution in Europe

If you are an agency or enterprise marketer based in Europe, our European-based partner is ready to put the power of attribution data and insights to work for you.

SmartechResults LLC is based in Switzerland and is licensed to represent LeadsRx and provide sales, onboarding, and client support for our software as a service. Its geographic coverage includes all countries in the European Economic Union as well as the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, and India.

SmartechResults works with both enterprise brands as well as marketing agencies. From eCommerce and broadcast attribution to banking and B2B, SmartechResults will ensure attribution projects maximize return on ad spend.

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SmartechResults LLC
Reinacherstrasse 129
4053 Basel, Switzerland

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