Jobs at LeadsRx

OPEN POSITION: Customer Success Manager

A Customer Success Manager (CSM) with LeadsRx is an outgoing energetic evangelist who will offer our customers a trusted, knowledgeable resource and assist them with achieving their goals from their use of LeadsRx products and services.
This role has a very proactive focus on ensuring the successful onboarding, adoption, and value realization of LeadsRx with our customers. The CSM will be working across all LeadsRx functions and a broad range of customers, helping them to maximize the return on their investment of the LeadsRx solution. The overarching goal of the CSM is to turn customers into raving fans.

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OPEN POSITION: Senior Marketing Data Analyst

We are looking for an experienced marketing data analyst with a passion for helping clients turn marketing / advertising data into insight and then into recommendations for improvements to their marketing efforts. This role is an essential part of our client services team and provides several key functions. You will be helping to train customers on the reporting and data produced by the LeadsRx system, including how to interpret the results compared to other analytics systems they may already be familiar with. You will also be responsible for delivering our “Insights” service to clients who want to take advantage of our expertise across a wide range of customers and industries. To accomplish this mission, you will have to have substantial experience working with data and analytics around digital marketing. Experience with broadcast marketing analytics is a plus.

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OPEN POSITION: Account Executive

We help marketers feel like superheroes at their staff meetings by arming them with analytical insights rather than guesswork. A SaaS start-up rooted in Portland, OR – we are passionate about the impartial advancement of marketing technology, while keeping our customers at the center of everything we do. We are helping marketers navigate the ever-changing martech and adtech landscape and having a blast doing it. Join us if you want to make an impact – for our customers, for our team, and for our community.

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We are looking for someone to drive agency partner awareness of company products and services through the effective use of marketing collateral, email, and video conference communications. We view our mission as arming courageous marketers with the insights, technology, and confidence they need to deepen customer relationships and spark marketing performance. We enable brands to grow their business by putting the customer at the center of everything they do.

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OPEN POSITION: Technical Support Analyst

We are looking for someone who has solid support and web development skills and is looking to take the next step in their career, who craves the opportunities and responsibilities that make a direct impact on our customer’s and LeadsRx success. The selected candidate will be launching into an exciting industry while getting direct experience expanding your technical and analytical skill set.

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Advertisers have long had a need to better understand the effectiveness of their efforts. Now, with attribution technology from LeadsRx, advertisers can connect the dots between all forms of promotion and customer acquisition.

LeadsRx is always looking for great candidates to join our team. If you’re a self-starter, have experience or a strong interest in marketing analytics, and are looking for a fast-paced startup, please drop us a note or apply for one of our open positions.

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