eCommerce and direct-to-consumer Multi-Touch Attribution

Get impartial insights about which marketing programs are the most effective at driving return on ad spend.


Master ROAS and Customer Lifetime Value

Widen the gap between expenses and revenue. Change budget allocation to reflect what’s working best and eliminate wasted ad spend. Capture lifetime value of customers as they make repeat purchases.

Perfect Customer Acquisition

Get more prospects to your store and buying product. Review ad impressions, clicks, content views, and even broadcast advertising impact on individual customer journeys. Eliminate friction points. Streamline the entire user experience.

Integrate with your shopping cart

LeadsRx is easy to connect to many e-commerce platforms. LeadsRx is fully integrated with Shopify and Woocommerce to fully to capture orders and customer profiles. Track 100% of your social media, e-marketing, SEO and advertising campaigns. 

Make the shift to performance marketing

LeadsRx is easy to install with any eCommerce platform, even one you may have built yourself. Our Universal Pixel is all you need to get started, and once in place will automatically find 100% of your in-bound marketing touchpoints. LeadsRx is specifically built to handle the needs of online retailers with capabilities that ensure orders are never counted more than once and that customer lifetime revenue is accurately calculated.

  • Measure marketing programs on their performance in terms of driving profitable customer lifetime value
  • Perform attribution across both online (digital advertising, search, organic) and offline channels (radio, TV, podcasts, direct mail)
  • Integrate with Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Digital River, and more
  • See return on ad spend (ROAS) by marketing channel


Case study: Direct to Consumer GOODS

See how this manufacturer and online retailer was able to use attribution to discover new insights about allocating ad spend across Facebook and Google. The answer might surprise you!

  • Facebook Ads 41% 41%
  • Google Ads 7% 7%

Podcast Attribution is Here

Every channel should count in your impartial multi-touch attribution report and contribute to the insights that enable you to make adjustments to your marketing campaigns and optimize ROAS. You can now measure how podcast advertising raises awareness about your brand, encourages customers to engage with other marketing channels, and eventually drives ecommerce conversions.


The LeadsRx Universal Pixel is a super pixel and works with all advertising sources and all conversions. The pixel is “eCommerce aware,” with no need to arbitrate between vendors, and it automatically prevents the counting of duplicate orders.


The LeadsRx identity graph is made up of stitched-together personas. We’ve gathered more than 1.5 billion personas over the past several years. These, tied together in the identity graph,
provides reliable insight into what really matters – paths to purchase. Think of it as your own walled garden of cultivated personas. Better yet, you can continue to offer what your new and loyal customers come to expect – a great buying experience.

It’s essentially “cookieless” tracking. You don’t need to buy a newfound Universal ID or other expensive solution. We recommend asking your current attribution vendor if ID graphing technology is built in or if they expect you to get an additional source.

Account Based Marketing

Direct to Consumer Attribution

Hundreds of direct-to-consumer websites are optimizing their acquisition strategies and maximizing return on ad spend with LeadsRx.

"Great For Analyzing Your Traffic"

I like that I can see where my traffic is coming from in a very simplistic and straightforward way. The interface is clean and simple to understand. I can see which leads are new and, out of those leads, how many sales were actually generated. It's also a great tool for understanding which of your landing pages are performing best and which ones you may need to tweak a bit. The fact that you can see your buyer reports and conversions by customer is a feature that has been extremely helpful. This tool helps you to spot return customers so that you can customize their visits more effectively.

"Lean solution for attribution tracking"

Great visibility into how people convert, which channels work and how - Info on how a channel assists conversions is amazing - LeadsRx is great if you have a relatively simple setup with clear conversion goals and a number of recognised online channels (e.g. LinkedIn, Fb Ads, Google ads etc) - It's a plug-and-play thing you can launch overnight - Their interface is very clear, you can easily find all the info - You can define and rename the sources - You can also do granular tracking per channel - Very robust support that can always help on tech & other details

"Great tech, and a great team"

The dashboard, the tracking, the ability to adjust attribution models, see returns, and plan for the future. Auto detecting sources is a fantastic feature, and the ease of adding and breaking out specific touchpoints was good.

Optimize eCommerce Advertising

LeadsRx identifies what marketing programs are really driving your ecommerce sales with the highest efficiency and Return on Ad Spend.