LeadsRx is a crystal ball for eCommerce insights

LeadsRx is a crystal ball for eCommerce insights

Your primary goals: maximizing ROI, allocating spend, and increasing sales

Every online retailer wants to drive more buyers to their storefront to increase sales, but it isn't always obvious how to get the job done. You need insights about which marketing programs are the most effective at getting a solid Return on Investment while also understanding the best way to allocate spend across various channels and ad mediums.

Today's content marketing strategies focus on being agile with marketing programs, analyzing customer journeys, and making sure the right touchpoints are in place along the way. Take a look at our eBook on the topic and start socializing the concept of content marketing in your organization.

Increase sales

Let's get tactical: Increase your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Attribution might seem like nothing more than a one-shot analytic tool. But the reality is, attribution is an ongoing effort that monitors your store's performance continually. Taking action based on the results of attribution modeling is what it's all about. Watch our on-demand webinar about attribution for eCommerce to learn more.

GoalIncrease revenue with current resources

Widen the gap between expenses and revenue.

MethodReallocate existing ad spend

Monitor how various advertising and channels influence prospects to become buyers. Change budget allocation to reflect what's working best. Eliminate wasted ad spend.

  • Set up LeadsRx to automatically collect advertising cost data
  • Collect behavior data for buyers and non buyers over 2-3 weeks
  • Use a multi-touch attribution model to identify most influential advertising
  • Review ROI analysis to identify programs producing the highest paying customers
  • Reallocate existing ad spend to better performing programs

LeadsRx works with all the eCommerce platforms

LeadsRx is easy to install with any eCommerce platform, even one you may have built yourself. Our Universal Conversion Tracking Pixel is all you need to get started, and once in place will automatically find 100% of your in-bound marketing touchpoints.

LeadsRx is specifically built to handle the needs of online retailers with capabilities that ensure orders are never counted more than once and that customer lifetime revenue is accurately calculated. Sign up for a quick demo, and we'll show you how it works.

Product Overview
eCommerce attribution

Using Shopify? Get started with attribution in less than 30 seconds

No one wants software that takes days to set up or weeks to see results. That's why you can get started with LeadsRx for your Shopify store in less than 30 seconds. Install the LeadsRx AdSpend Monitor app, and that's it. Really.

Not using Shopify? That's ok... we have integrations with lots of eCommerce platforms, and all it takes is a quick install of our Universal Conversion Tracking Pixel to get the ball rolling. Our on-boarding team will help with the rest, and in just a matter of time you'll be attributing sales to marketing touchpoints and learning more about what works and what doesn't.

Quick start attribution

Why is attribution so important for eCommerce stores?

You’ve made an investment in building a great online store, and now it’s time to open the flood gates and get new customers. But with options ranging from Facebook ads to Search Engine Marketing, retargeting, and programmatic display ads, how do you really know which channel is going to be the best place for your advertising spend?
Marketing attribution connects the dots between all your in-bound touchpoints and sales of products. When you add attribution to your online store, you’ll know exactly which touchpoints are worth your investment, and which are probably wasted ad spend. No more guessing… just clear, analytic answers for maximizing your return on investment.
LeadsRx is full-funnel, cross-channel attribution software that you can add to your store quickly and easily. Using LeadsRx, you’ll have transparency into each customer’s journey including all the touchpoints that influenced their decision to make a purchase. You’ll also get aggregated insights from 7 different attribution models that will help you make real-time changes to your advertising mix to improve sales today.

See how one online retailer made use of attribution

Download a copy of our case study that shows how one online retailer was able to use attribution to discover new insights about the best source of customers. Download your copy here.

eCommerce attribution case study

Let's get tactical: eCommerce customer acquisition

Every online store can benefit from finding new customers. By monitoring the success of ad impressions, digital clicks, and even traditional offline programs like radio and television, LeadsRx provides new insights into how to keep your marketing fresh and relevant.

GoalFind new customers

Get more prospects to your store and buying product.

MethodMap the customer journey

Review actual impressions, clicks, content views, and even broadcast advertising impact on individual customer journeys. Eliminate friction points. Streamline the entire user experience.

  • Collect customer journey maps throughout entire sales funnel
  • Review individual journey maps to see all marketing touchpoints and content the influenced purchase decision
  • Identify journey steps that slow time to purchase
  • Modify inbound-marketing programs and content to replicate most successful journey maps

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Interested to see how LeadsRx will help your marketing efforts? Sign up for a complimentary demonstration, and we'll walk you through the basics of our product. From digital attribution to radio and television, LeadsRx has a robust set of capabilities that will help any enterprise improve their ad spend return.

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At LeadsRx, we believe every marketer should have access to attribution as a standard tool. That's why we have a free version of our product that you can use immediately to see how things like organic search, direct visits, and even referred visits all contribute to online sales. Sign up today and get started immediately.

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