eCommerce Marketing Attribution

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LeadsRx is a crystal ball for eCommerce insights

Every online retailer wants to drive more buyers to their storefront to increase sales, but it isn't always obvious how to get the job done. You need insights about which marketing programs are the most effective at getting a solid Return on Investment while also understanding the best way to allocate spend across various channels and ad mediums.

Master ROAS

Widen the gap between expenses and revenue. Monitor how various advertising and channels influence prospects to become buyers. Change budget allocation to reflect what's working best. Eliminate wasted ad spend.

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Perfect eCommerce Customer Acquisition

Get more prospects to your store and buying product. Review ad impressions, clicks, content views, and even broadcast advertising impact on individual customer journeys. Eliminate friction points. Streamline the entire user experience.

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Integrate With Your Shopping Cart

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Case Study: Direct-to-Consumer Gloves

See how this manufacturer and online retailer was able to use attribution to discover new insights about allocating ad spend across Facebook and Google. The answer might surprise you!

Facebook Ads41%
Google Ads7%

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LeadsRx Attribution Platform for eCommerce

LeadsRx is easy to install with any eCommerce platform, even one you may have built yourself. Our Universal Conversion Tracking Pixel is all you need to get started, and once in place will automatically find 100% of your in-bound marketing touchpoints. LeadsRx is specifically built to handle the needs of online retailers with capabilities that ensure orders are never counted more than once and that customer lifetime revenue is accurately calculated.

  • Perform attribution across both online and offline channels
  • Integrated with Shopify, Magento, SquareSpacae, and more
  • See Return on Ad Spend by marketing channel

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