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Customer Care is Priority One

At LeadsRx, we have a strong belief in our solution and confidence in its performance. But it’s our undying commitment to customer care that is the backbone of everything we do.

Our Customer Care Team is here for you, led by 30-year customer care veteran Dave Canelis, VP of Customer Success.

Caring for customers is part of our DNA.

Our Customer Care Mission is simple and straightforward: “We are here to help LeadsRx customers accelerate time to realized value by ensuring proper configuration of the LeadsRx solution and increasing understanding of how to interpret and act on the resulting insights to improve ROAS.”

A lot of marketers struggle with analytics in general, and attribution specifically, since it’s a fairly new concept in play for about 5-6 years. It’s important to note that while marketing attribution software is used by marketing team members, the results are consumed by C-level executives. They want and need to know the cost of customer acquisition, return on ad spend (ROAS), and what is driving customer lifetime value.

Attribution is different from other software such as accounting systems or word processors. Attribution results need interpretation so the insights can be explained to the C-suite. We provide that connection between the technology, the data and the insights so you can harness the power of attribution.

Our Goal is to Help You Succeed

What you can expect from our customer care approach:

Attribution “Saas-ified”

We’ve taken enterprise-level functionality and packaged the most useful elements for maximizing ROAS.



From orientation, to product training, setup and implementation, to 30- and 90-day check-ins, our proven onboarding methodology just works.


We teach you how to use the data and insights to increase performance and become self-sufficient – from direct team access to self-help guides, articles and videos.


Our attribution insights are built around a CMO-level attribution report with the goal to optimize your advertising.


Our team is ready to assist B2B, B2C or D2C businesses or agencies no matter your team’s level of attribution expertise.


Schedule a Q&A session with our Data Scientists.

Standard Care

This includes access to our team during business hours, 24/7 access to self-help resources and access to our customer portal for logging support tickets.

Premium Care 

This upgrade includes Standard Care features plus an assigned Customer Care Manager, 8 hours of Ask-the-Expert access per month, a dedicated 800 number, and more.

Customer Care

Agency Support.

Agencies have a dedicated point person and a host of resources designed specifically for their success.


Combining human intelligence and experience with LeadsRx impartial attribution software unlocks even greater optimization potential.


The Insights Service is designed to help clients find actionable data to optimize their marketing campaigns. Industry leading best practices and proven methodologies will be applied to extract statistically significant optimization recommendations. Clients can rely on their LeadsRx Attribution Specialist to review their data and provide consistent CMO level analysis.

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The Onboarding Service is designed to help clients establish an accurate attribution model for one LeadsRx Universal Tracking Pixel. A dedicated Attribution Specialist implements a rigorous step-by-step process to capture and execute the client’s marketing goals. All features available from LeadsRx are explored, deployed, and configured properly for attribution.

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Learn More About Customer Care for Attribution

Learn more about how we craft a customer care solution around your success. Provide information below, and a customer care team member will reach out to schedule time to discuss your needs.