#21 Bill King from Frase.io Talks Content Optimization, SEO, and Attribution

Learn from Bill King as he breaks down how content is being used in SEO, Conversion and Attribution to close more deals.

Bill King talks about Frase.io and its content optimization software – and how the search engine optimization (SEO) game has changed dramatically over the past few years. No longer will a volume of content work; you need to have the most competitive article – the best answer – to the query if you want your content to rank at or toward the top. Bill discusses the four key pillars to a solid content marketing strategy:

  • Informational queries – what is x
  • Commercial queries – companies for x
  • Transactional queries – reviews for company x
  • Navigational/branded queries – company x pricing

If you want to learn how to have your content compete in today’s landscape, listen to Bill’s insights.

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