Case Study: Agency Attribution


We’re all looking for ways to continue to conduct business today in light of desires to be socially distant. For some companies that have traditionally relied on face-to-face prospecting, the move to digital can be challenging. ELK Marketing discovered the secret sauce for their clients, and now you can too.

The Details:

Companies: Janitorial Services and Commercial Real Estate
Channels: Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Remarketing, Broadcast and email
KPI: Increased ROAS

“Here’s how we are going to do it, and here’s what we are going to do, and here’s what we did,” ELK Marketing CMO and Co-Founder Frank Sanchez said of its messaging to clients. “And being able to show that in real time is what’s been powerful. That’s why LeadsRx has been an invaluable tool for us.”


Learn how marketers are putting attribution to work for them.

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