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One Universal Conversion Pixel

Many marketers start basic attribution by installing conversion pixels from various ad serving vendors like AdWords, Facebook, and AdRoll. But as advertising channels increase, so do the number of pixels, and with this comes the complexity of arbitrating between the various platforms, each taking credit for a conversion.

LeadsRx uses a single, Universal Conversion Tracking Pixel that works with all advertising sources and all conversions. There's never the need to arbitrate between vendors, and because LeadsRx does not serve ads, our tracking and analysis is always un-biased and factual.

Real-Time Attribution We may never know if the chicken came before the egg, but we do know which marketing campaigns are influencing your conversions.

Behind LeadsRx is a powerful data warehouse that makes it possible to switch between various attribution models in real time and see which model gives insights most appropriate to your business. We offer a variety of attribution models including Algorithmic Attribution that learns about your unique patterns

and trends over time to arrive at touchpoint weighting factors. In addition, LeadsRx supports First Touch and Last Touch Attribution, as well as Linear and Weighted Multitouch Attributions. For unique insights only available with LeadsRx, try Closer Touch™, Any Touch™, or Fuzzy Attribution™ models.

Onboarding in Less Than 5 Minutes

LeadsRx is the fastest and easiest attribution software to set up. Three easy steps is all it takes.

How LeadsRx Works

Online and Offline Attribution

From radio and television commercials to tradeshows and seminars, offline touchpoints are handled by LeadsRx with equal representation in all analytics and reports. Our Fuzzy Attribution™ model was specifically designed for the complex needs of broadcast advertising, and CSV uploads make it easy to incorporate attendee lists and even farmed leads.

Content Marketing Attribution Got a blog?

Unlike other attribution software products, LeadsRx also includes powerful analysis of all your content pieces. Find out which blog articles contribute most to conversions and even see attribution by authors. Link in web pages, community forums, press releases, and other content directories and finally get the answer to which content is important and where to pair back.

  • Use content attribution to remove clutter from resource pages and focus visitor attention on pieces that work
  • Give feedback to blog authors to encourage better article more relevant to your audience
  • Learn which web pages are viewed prior to conversions and add optimizations that increase conversions
Content attribution

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See how conversions are attributed to online and offline marketing touchpoints to provide new insights into Return on Ad Spend, conversion optimizations, and wasted ad spend.

Marketing Attribution That's Integrated With Other Enterprise Software

LeadsRx works with a variety of marketing systems to track inbound and outbound programs, push data to your CRM, log in-bound phone conversions, and even to present different content based on past conversions.