Marketing attribution software

See Marketing Attribution in Action

See Marketing Attribution in Action

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Spend just 30 minutes with us for a quick, personalized demonstration of the LeadsRx marketing attribution software. We'll answer questions about how attribution works and introduce you to the primary features and benefits including:

  • A single dashboard comparing performance across channels
  • Attribution modeling including first, last, linear, weighted, Closer™, Any™, and Fuzzy™
  • Automatic identification of existing advertising
  • Cost of acquisition and Return on Advertising Spend analysis
  • Demographic profiles and segmentation
  • Online and offline analysis
  • Integrations with Salesforce, HubSpot, AdWords, CallRail, Optimizely, and more
LeadsRx Marketing Attribution
With LeadsRx, I no longer have to guess which marketing campaigns are bringing in all the leads. The answer was obvious with just one look at the dashboard!

John M. Shanebrook, Zooza Corporation