Case Study: B2B Business automation

A leading tech company that helps transform digital businesses through intelligent automation knew a thing or two about data. After all, it provides a cloud-native, consumer- scale platform that can handle app, data, API, integrations, and process automation for enterprise companies managing sales, support, IT, HR, nance, and marketing. With a new product release planned for mid-year, the company wanted to ensure the launch was a success and support it with proper paid marketing.

The Details:

Company Name: (Withheld)
Budget: $40,000/Month
Channels: Direct, SEO, Google Ads, Display, Email, Referrals
KPI: Increased ROAS and Revenue

 The net month-over-month results were impressive. With ad spend being essentially flat, the company was able to increase revenue by nearly $90,000 (a revenue increase of 16.8%) from June to July 2019. ROAS bumped up from 13.23 to 15.41 (a 16.5% increase) for the same time period.


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