+ Infutor  = Enhanced Data

Enhanced Data

Enrich Your First-Party Data

Learn more about adding key demographic and lifestyle attributes to activate enhanced analytics data.

Gain deeper insight with combined marketing analytics data from Infutor and LeadsRx


Infutor, a consumer identity management leader, improves cross-channel outreach by providing important demographic, psychographic, and buying intent attributes.

In an effort to make the first-party data it already gathers more robust, LeadsRx is partnering with Infutor for data enrichment. LeadsRx gathers marketing analytics data via multi-touch attribution and customer journey analytics, and valuable insights from the data are used to increase marketing performance.

Improve Acquisition Marketing and Convert Prospects

Enhance Intelligence for Analytics

Increase Marketing Reach

Optimize CRM Performance

Personalize Marketing Engagements

Identify and Activate Top Audience Segments

Create Value-Added Solutions and Custom Models

LeadsRx & Infutor — A Perfect Marriage of Data Sets

The marriage of LeadsRx first-party data and Infutor demographic data enables brands to see what they need to know about consumers, exactly when they need to know it, so they can make informed decisions about marketing initiatives.

LeadsRx collects data from devices, browsers, and operating systems of customers engaging with their brands. LeadsRx has the ability to go further with demographic segmentation, allowing marketers to drill down and see if a particular campaign is in fact delivering the desired target audience.

Infutor Total Consumer Insights

Leverages Infutor TrueSource™ Identity Graph, featuring over 266 million persistent individual IDs with more unique attributes per person, 120 million households, and hundreds of segmentation clusters.

Consists of demographic and location data (lat/long coordinates, including geolevel precision assignments), offline contact markers, segmentation clusters, and census data.

Improves personalization for customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty through robust demographic attributes, including MarketShare and Consumer Passion Index data.

Insight-Driving Demographics

Infutor insight-driving demographics and lifestyle attributes might include household income, age ranges, property ownership, gender, presence and ages of children, and marital status at the individual and household levels.

Enrich Your First-Party Data

Enhance your analytics data with key demographic and lifestyle information to propel your marketing programs.