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LeadsRx May Newsletter

The past thirty days have been challenging for everyone, but despite these headwinds, LeadsRx pushed forward deploying several new initiatives.


  1. Released our newest product version: LeadsRx 3.0
  2. Launched a new Triage Assessment Program designed for marketers impacted by COVID-19.
  3. Aggregated our top attribution blog posts
  4. Contributed content on key media outlets
  5. Developed our initial partner program
  6. Created content for our upcoming podcast
  7. Customer Spotlight: Henry Schein COVID-19 Test
  8. Added new staff to our design team
  9. Updated our account settings interface 

1. Leadsrx 3.0

Greater Support for Marketing Agencies

Using LeadsRx marketing attribution technology, marketing agencies are providing the transparency and accountability that their clients demand. We are the only marketing attribution vendor who focuses on helping agencies monitor and report their own performance in an impartial way.

Advanced Attribution Technology

An important feature in LeadsRx Attribution™ expands on how marketers evaluate and analyze broadcast television attribution. Unlike point solutions that only evaluate TV advertising in isolation, LeadsRx Attribution allows comparison of TV to other marketing channels like digital, direct mail, and radio.

Enhanced B2B Attribution

In addition to serving the attribution needs of direct-to-consumer and other business-to-consumer (B2C) enterprises, LeadsRx Attribution has become the impartial solution of choice for businesses selling to other businesses (B2B).

 Read the full release

2. Triage assessment program

Most marketers find themselves in an entirely new environment given the current state of the economy and challenges facing businesses around the world.

The LeadsRx Triage Assessment Program is meant to help businesses establish a benchmark of the current state of their marketing and advertising programs and provide good faith recommendations to consider in modifying strategies to connect with customers and sales prospects.

3. Top Blog Posts

Our top two blog posts this past month were about attribution for radio advertising and how to optimize the adverts themselves. Year over year our post about 37 attribution facts enlightens readers after they have read our comparison between Google Analytics and dedicated attribution tools. A recent topic around marketing during the coronavirus and a post about non-linear customer journeys were our fastest growing pieces of content. Our announcement of display ad impression tracking seemed to get a lot of coverage with marketers considering cross-channel attribution

4. Contributed Content

LeadsRx remains active in several online publications helping marketers succeed with attribution and advertising. 

How To Find The Right Blend Of Content And Media Strategies: 8 Key Strategies

Marketing is only truly effective if it strikes a chord with the audience it’s intended for. Brand messages resonate more when the business aims them at the right audience. 

15 Tips to Create Consistent, Authentic, Engaging Content for Customers

When a potential customer comes across your website, social media channels, or newsletter, you have to be sure to capture their attention. If the content is uninspiring or feels like it’s generic or disingenuous, users will move on.

12 Ways to Boost Your Following on LinkedIn

LinkedIn remains one of the most valuable resources for a business in terms of attracting new potential customers. So what are some good ways for a new business to make the most of its LinkedIn page in order to boost its following and gain more visibility?

Developing Your Brand: How Often Should You Monitor Your Competition?

“This method allows me to focus most of my time on expanding our brand which needs that personal touch to really drive our core mission and positioning home.” – Jeff Keenan, LeadsRx

5. Partner Program

LeadsRx is developing key relationships with vendors like CallRail, Marketo and Pipedrive to deliver a word-class attribution ecosystem using the tools you already use. These expanded partnerships will deliver two way dedicated integrations and one-click deployment for marketers using either platform. If you have a request for a LeadsRx integration or partnership, please email info@leadsrx.com.

6. Podcast Series

We believe podcasting is not only a trend, but a major part of the future media landscape. LeadsRx is developing unique podcast attribution technology, and we are joining the podcasting universe as contributors. If you would like to beta test our new podcasting technology or would like to be featured on our podcast please contact info@leadsrx.com

7. Customer spotlight: Henry Schein distributing COVID-19 rapid test kits to determine immunity post-infection

Henry Schein, a solutions company for health care professionals – and LeadsRx customer, announced April 1 that it will serve as the exclusive distributor in the United States of a second point-of-care rapid test kit that can detect antibodies associated with COVID-19 in as few as 15 minutes. “The COVID-19 rapid test kits are a part of Henry Schein’s response to the outbreak. These tests are important because they are fast and can be deployed where they are needed to help return our citizens to the workforce,” said Stanley M. Bergman, Chairman and CEO of Henry Schein.

8. New design staff

We believe design is an important part of marketing success and have invested in new team members to help us visually tell the story of attribution. Expect updated infographics, and visuals – especially for our agency partners!

9. Updated Account Settings

After compiling user feedback, we have made some significant improvements to our account settings area. Now accessing your pixel, modifying attriubtion settings, and administering your account has never been easier! You can view your new account settings area by logging in and clicking “account” under the settings drop down menu.