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LeadsRx March Newsletter

March was a unique month to say the least! Our team stayed diligent (and healthy) as we transitioned to working remotely, but that didn’t stop us from charging forward with several important updates.

  1. Launched a new Advanced TV Attribution service.
  2. Deployed server and hardware performance improvements.
  3. Beta testing our new podcast attribution service.
  4. Implemented handling unattributed conversions with a new attribution methodology. 
  5. Capture conversions seamlessly using our new Marketo Integration.
  6. Hired new team members in our Engineering and Marketing departments. 

Now… here come the details! 

1. Advanced TV Attribution

Many of you know about our strong ability to perform attribution for radio advertising, but you may not be aware the LeadsRx platform can also do some amazing things with TV. With our new Advanced TV Attribution capabilities, spot log data can be ingested through data uploads, data feeds, or automatically with our new integration to WideOrbit. Attribution analysis uses a response window to determine consumers who are likely responding to advertising they see on TV. Proprietary algorithms determine how much credit to give overlapping networks, and even networks with low reach are counted fairly.

2. Performance Improvements

Some customers have huge volumes of data… page views, conversions, touchpoints… they all add up. In an ever-increasing race to manage data volumes and keep the LeadsRx platform performing quickly, we’ve added many new features like in-memory caching, data warehousing, and bulk loading. Now customers have even faster page load times and attribution reporting bolstering our real-time attribution modeling.

3. New Podcasting Attribution Service

Do you or your clients advertise on podcasts? We are seeking beta testers who are active in the podcast advertising industry to test out our new podcasting attribution service! If you are interested in exploring how LeadsRx can help you maximize the results of your podcasting efforts, or know an advertiser who would be, contact us to get early access to this service before we make it public!

4. Unattributed Conversions

LeadsRx has revamped the way we display unattributed conversions. For those that are not familiar, with the rise of ad blockers and browsers limiting the use of cookie tracking technologies, a higher percentage of customer interactions are “anonymous.” LeadsRx has several unique technologies in place to capture customer journeys as often as possible, but we have implemented new reporting methodology to segment these unattributable conversions. Marketers can now analyze touchpoint performance and conversion attribution looking at both attributed and unattributed conversions independently.

5. Marketo Integration

Marketo’s powerful marketing automation software helps marketers master the art and science of digital marketing to engage customers and prospects. With this integration you can now configure Marketo to send form submissions directly into LeadsRx. Simply set up a few custom fields in Marketo, configure your webhook and you are up and running! LeadsRx will also capture the submission data and populate your customer profiles with each new submission.

6. New Team Members

We are staffing up and continuing to scale! LeadsRx has made several key hires in the engineering and marketing department to bring you further product improvements and thought leadership! Keep an eye out for more updates to our technologies and to our content designed to help marketers get the most out of their advertising campaigns.