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LeadsRx June Newsletter

Over the past 30 days we have continued to update our offerings and think of new ways to improve on our services. From adding new features such as Pin Reports and exportable PDFs from your dashboard to showcasing customer success stories, our goal is continual improvement.


  1. We added a pin report feature and PDF export functionality
  2. New documentation support portal
  3. A marketing services agency success story
  4. Curated content to support your marketing efforts
  5. We deployed significant spot log upload improvements

1. Pin Reports, PDF Exports in Your LeadsRx Dashboard 

We are pleased to announce new functionality to allow you to “pin” your favorite attribution reports for easy access in the future. This saves the most critical reports to your campaigns into your own custom attribution dashboard. Check it out by clicking on the olive green “pin” icon in the upper righthand corner of your LeadsRx reports. You can also export any of your pinned reports to PDF! Check out our new Pendo guide to walk you through it.

2. New Online Help portal

Thanks to feedback from all of you, we’ve added an easy “ONLINE HELP” link once you are logged in to your LeadsRx account. Click the upper righthand dropdown menu to access support documentation that will answer frequently asked questions and provide additional explanation. Of course, our support team is always available to help as well.


3. Marketing Agency Success Story

ELK Marketing, a tech-savvy marketing services agency, was already doing great things for two key clients, but it wanted to help the transition from in-person prospecting to digital marketing. This case study showcases just how powerful attribution is for optimizing your multi-touch campaigns for ROAS, and how impartial insights build trust.

4. you need the attribution power tool in your marketing plan 

Let’s take a step back and dive into what it takes to create a successful marketing plan, and you will see how attribution will be a thread throughout your strategy – before, during and after marketing campaigns are set in motion.  Check out our blog post.

5. New Spot Log Upload Improvements

Uploading spots is no longer associated with a single touchpoint and the interface for uploading spots has moved away from the “edit touchpoint” page to the Broadcast Spot Upload interface. This new page can be found under “settings” in the top right of your account dashboard. This change was made primarily to support an increased interest in national advertising. You are now able to upload a CSV file of spot logs to either a single touchpoint or “burst” a diverse set of spots into multiple markets by selecting a column in the CSV file.