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Case Study: The Great American Home Store Leverages Analytics to “Go Digital”

With five stores and 110 employees, The Great American Home Store was just beginning to hit its stride with new digital marketing campaigns to augment its broadcast methods, but they didn’t have the ability to accurately track performance.

With LeadsRx, the furniture and mattress retailer was able to accurately measure all of its campaigns – including broadcast – using multi-touch attribution.

Read this case study to find out how attribution insights were leveraged to sell more furniture, while spending less on customer acquisition.

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“What LeadsRx helps you do is understand; it gives you a baseline comparison between all of your advertising, especially your broadcast mediums – TV and radio. And what that lets you do is not necessarily know, ‘OK, this is the full effect of my TV or my radio spend,’ but it gives you a way to compare all the different buys you’re making – between spots, stations, creative, and even dayparts.”

Justin Bowen, Digital Manager, The Great American Home Store