Start Monitoring Your Ad Spend Effectiveness in Less Than 30 Seconds

Start Monitoring Your Ad Spend Effectiveness in Less Than 30 Seconds

Do you know if Facebook or Google is bringing you the best buyers?

Every online retailer wants to increase sales and get new buyers to their store, and if you're paying for advertising, you also want to make sure you're getting the biggest impact for your investment.

LeadsRx AdSpend Monitor connects the dots between your marketing touchpoints and revenue using full-funnel, cross-channel attribution modeling.

No more guesswork or hunches – with LeadsRx, you'll know which channel is bringing bigger orders and new buyers. And, you'll have the analytic data that will help you make changes to how you allocate ad spend.

Install AdSpend Monitor for your Shopify store

Getting started with attribution for your Shopify store is a snap. Just install the LeadsRx AdSpend Monitor app, then sit back and relax while the system automatically collects information about buyers, orders, and more. Within just a few days you'll have results you can act on.

Get set up in less than 30 seconds

  • Increase revenue with existing ad spend
  • Find new customers based on success patterns of past buyers
  • Improve your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • See each customer journey including all touchpoints over all time
  • Understand how social marketing impacts sales
  • Track sales coming from paid as well as un-paid touchpoints
  • Compare 7 different attribution models in real-time
  • Try new advertising programs and compare to baseline results
  • Test direct response advertising versus branding
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More than 12,000 accounts have used LeadsRx

Marketing attribution has moved into the mainstream with thousands of companies now using the LeadsRx marketing attribution tools to monitor customer acquisition events. From large multichannel promoters to first-time advertisers, marketers around the world are making attribution part of their core marketing technology stack.

Let's get tactical: applying attribution to your online store

Attribution is an ongoing effort that monitors your store's performance continually. Taking action based on the results of attribution modeling is what it's all about.

GoalIncrease revenue with current resources

Widen the gap between expenses and revenue.

MethodReallocate existing ad spend

Monitor how various advertising and channels influence prospects to become buyers. Change budget allocation to reflect what's working best. Eliminate wasted ad spend.

  • Set up LeadsRx AdSpend Monitor to automatically collect advertising cost data
  • Collect behavior data for buyers and non buyers over 2-3 weeks
  • Use a multi-touch attribution model to identify most influential advertising
  • Review ROI analysis to identify programs producing the highest paying customers
  • Reallocate existing ad spend to better performing programs

Protect your investment

You’ve made an investment in building a great online store, and now it’s time to open the flood gates and get new customers. But with options ranging from Facebook ads to Search Engine Marketing, retargeting, and programmatic display ads, how do you really know which channel is going to be the best place for your advertising spend?


Use attribution

LeadsRx AdSpend Monitor is full-funnel, cross-channel attribution software that you can add to your store quickly and easily. Using LeadsRx, you’ll have transparency into each customer’s journey including all the touchpoints that influenced their decision to make a purchase. You’ll also get aggregated insights from 7 different attribution models that will help you make real-time changes to your advertising mix to improve sales today.