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"Excellent tool for tracking the customer journey."

Data is reliable. Clear cut information about customer journey. Easy to use without any difficult setup process. Customer support is super helpful and fast responsive.

Information Services, 1001-5000 employees

"LeadsRx connects the dots between TV and online advertising"

The team at LeadsRx is top-notch and support is key. The integration tools and API access allows us to fully integrate with our own platform. We send data and retrieve attributed results. These results can be fine-tuned and adjusted by various attribution models. The simplicity of the front-end and sophistication of the back-end make the product great. The LeadsRx pixel captures consumer activity with millions of TV Spots allowing us to measure the effectiveness of our TV Campaigns.

Broadcast Media, 11-50 employees

"LeadRx Solves Offline Tracking Issues "

LeadsRx helps provide proper attribution models that accurately weight our on and offline media presence for more accurate attribution and a better understanding of our consumer’s journey through our site.

Consumer Services, 100-500 employees


"Great For Analyzing Your Traffic"

I like that I can see where my traffic is coming from in a very simplistic and straightforward way. The interface is clean and simple to understand. I can see which leads are new and, out of those leads, how many sales were actually generated. It’s also a great tool for understanding which of your landing pages are performing best and which ones you may need to tweak a bit. The fact that you can see your buyer reports and conversions by customer is a feature that has been extremely helpful. This tool helps you to spot return customers so that you can customize their visits more effectively.

"Lean solution for attribution tracking"

Great visibility into how people convert, which channels work and how – Info on how a channel assists conversions is amazing – LeadsRx is great if you have a relatively simple setup with clear conversion goals and a number of recognized online channels (e.g. LinkedIn, Fb Ads, Google ads etc) – It’s a plug-and-play thing you can launch overnight – Their interface is very clear, you can easily find all the info – You can define and rename the sources – You can also do granular tracking per channel – Very robust support that can always help on tech & other details.

"Great tech, and a great team"

The dashboard, the tracking, the ability to adjust attribution models, see returns, and plan for the future. Auto detecting sources is a fantastic feature, and the ease of adding and breaking out specific touchpoints was good.

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