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Insights from our Blog

Caring for the customer – What I Like About What We Do

Caring for the customer – What I Like About What We Do

From day one of becoming a LeadsRx customer, our customer care plan is put into action. It starts with a proactive onboarding plan – from orientation, to product training, setup and implementation, to 30- and 90-day check-ins. Our proven onboarding methodology just works.

#30 Frans Riemersma of MarTechTribe discusses software selection secrets at the enterprise level

In this episode we have Frans Riemersma, who is the number one MarTech influencer in the Netherlands, and a thought leader all throughout Europe. He’s passionate about marketing technology and for decades he’s been designing technology stacks for companies like HP Adidas. Audi Unilever, Phillips, Ikea, and everything in between. Frans explains how years of marketing, software development and consulting have lead him to a software selection process which works. Learn how to avoid costly mistakes selection the wrong vendors and how to get the right people in the room to make the decision.

#28 Kyle Hjelmeseth on Influencer Attribution and Marketing

Kyle is an industry pioneer pushing forward a lot of the new strategies and tactics in influencer marketing. And we’ve brought him on the show to talk about how influencer marketing can be applied to enterprise businesses, as well as direct to consumer businesses, B2B businesses, and everything in between.