Use Lander for Landing Page Development

Start Building Traffic With Landing Pages Built With Lander

When you launch your business online one of the first things you research is: How do I start getting traffic? You’ll find a lot of differents answers, but the quickest way is paid advertising.  So you start using Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Bing and other channel ads. You create your ads and start sending that traffic[…]
Radio and TV Attribution

Radio and TV… Can This be Included in Measuring Ad Spend Effectiveness?

With advances in marketing technology, new tools are emerging that help marketers understand the effectiveness of their offline channels in addition to online digital channels.  Until recently, budgets spent on TV and radio advertisements, for example, resulted in black holes when it came to answering the very reasonable question, “was that campaign worth our money?”[…]
Marketing attribution

Better Lead Gen? Think: Marketing Attribution

Most marketers know that developing landing pages specific to each ad campaign is a very good idea. By customizing text, calls-to-action, and even imagery and forms to inbound marketing programs, things like conversion rates and quality scores usually go up. Want to optimize your lead gen efforts? Start by optimizing your landing pages. But after[…]
Last Click Attribution

Last Click Wins. Not so Fast!!!!

Last click attribution has been around for centuries and everyone wants to take credit. Remember that ad someone clicked on 2 months ago, neither do we. Your ad serving company surely didn’t forget because they took credit for that conversion. Were there any other influences in that conversion path? Your ad serving company that won[…]
Marketing attribution data overload

Too Much Data, Too Little Time

As marketing and technology evolves where should a one look to clean and centralize your marketing data? Marketer’s these days have an endless supply of tools and channels for display, email, social, online, offline, programmatic not programmatic, a/b testing, TV, radio, trade shows, the list goes on and on. These channels are all great and[…]
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