Affiliate marketing

Why Affiliate Attribution is the Next Cool Thing

Affiliate marketing, what is it? Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. The industry has four core players: the merchant (also known as ‘retailer’ or ‘brand’), the network (that contains offers for the[…]
Attribution in 2017

Attribution: What’s in Store for 2017

Attribution: the “A” word that everyone is talking about.  From Gartner to Forester to most agencies, marketing attribution is one of most covered predictions for success in 2017. The current state of attribution For most marketers, marketing attribution is not a new concept, but instead is a concept that has only been available to large enterprises spending[…]
Call Attribution

Why Call Attribution is Essential

To understand how your marketing efforts are resulting in revenue marketing departments need one tracking tool for online and offline channels. This has been one of the biggest challenges in marketing as more and more tools come to market. As we have covered, marketing attribution is the process of identifying a set of user actions[…]
LeadsRx Release 2.0

LeadsRx Moves Marketing Attribution Software into the Mainstream

The group here at LeadsRX is proud to announce some great news today! We’ve been working very hard to bring marketing attribution to marketers with all size budgets and we’re on our way. Typically, attribution was focused on high end enterprises with costs that SMB and Mid-Market companies just couldn’t afford. LeadRX is changing that[…]
Google Analytics - not for attribution

Google Analytics VS. Attribution Tools

As attribution becomes mainstream and available to marketers with any size budgets, confusion around web analytics vs attribution will need to be ironed out. This blog will help distinguish the difference and the importance of having both a web analytics tool and an attribution tool in your marketing arsenal. When you’re ready to try attribution,[…]
Marketing automation

Why Marketing Automation Systems Do Not Solve Cross-Channel Attribution

With the continued rise of marketing automation systems for enterprise and smb marketers, folks still face the dilemma of cross-channel attribution.   Implementing a universal tracking pixel based Attribution tool is important to tie all channels together. What is Marketing Automation There is an endless amount of automation systems that will do email marketing, serve up[…]
Attribution Path

Attribution 101

With all the buzz around marketing attribution, we here at LeadsRx are focused and delighted to bring attribution practices to SMBs and enterprises alike. Our following blog post is starting with the basics of attribution, what is it, what is the purpose, and how different attribution models are scored. Up until recently the attribution industry[…]
Use Lander for Landing Page Development

Start Building Traffic With Landing Pages Built With Lander

When you launch your business online one of the first things you research is: How do I start getting traffic? You’ll find a lot of differents answers, but the quickest way is paid advertising.  So you start using Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Bing and other channel ads. You create your ads and start sending that traffic[…]
Radio and TV Attribution

Radio and TV… Can This be Included in Measuring Ad Spend Effectiveness?

With advances in marketing technology, new tools are emerging that help marketers understand the effectiveness of their offline channels in addition to online digital channels.  Until recently, budgets spent on TV and radio advertisements, for example, resulted in black holes when it came to answering the very reasonable question, “was that campaign worth our money?”[…]
Marketing attribution

Better Lead Gen? Think: Marketing Attribution

Most marketers know that developing landing pages specific to each ad campaign is a very good idea. By customizing text, calls-to-action, and even imagery and forms to inbound marketing programs, things like conversion rates and quality scores usually go up. Want to optimize your lead gen efforts? Start by optimizing your landing pages. But after[…]
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