Get Attribution for Your Shopify Store and Boost Your Sales

To grow sales at your Shopify store, you need to know exactly what your buyers are doing. Adding attribution illuminates your top sources of buyers and the entire buyer journey. You’ll sell more to more buyers. Shopify is huge and yet still growing faster than ever. Today, 400.000 online retailers use it to sell $34[…]

3 Steps to Get Started With Attribution

Marketing attribution enables marketers to know exactly which marketing efforts are resulting in new customer acquisition. Here are three easy and simple steps to get started with attribution today. Attribution is expected to play a huge role in future marketing and business strategy. Check out these mind blowing marketing attribution stats. Attribution is the future.[…]
Universal tracking pixel

Creating Cross-Channel Attribution – One Pixel to Rule Them All

If you want to make effective strategic marketing decisions, you will most likely need multi-touch attribution. But installing and manually comparing data from multiple conversion pixels is virtually impossible and riddled with error. It will hardly create a reliable overview. Certainly not one you can base your decisions upon. Our universal conversion pixel is a[…]
Attribution mistakes

Why Marketing Attribution is Failing

Every marketer craves the holy grail of attribution, but like anything new, potential pitfalls are waiting for you. Take a 3-minute look at these common mistakes and learn how to make your attribution project a success the first time. First, we should point out that marketing attribution is booming. 79% of companies are now using[…]
22 attribution stats

37 Mind-Blowing Marketing Attribution Stats

Marketing attribution is becoming ever more important to marketing success. 56% of marketers believe attribution is important, while a further 33% believe it’s nothing short of critical. And we expect these numbers to grow even bigger. Many respected companies have published reports on the state of attribution marketing over the past year or so. We[…]
Attribution Users

10,000 Accounts Now Fueling LeadsRx for Attribution!

Today is a big day here at LeadsRX. We are officially tracking attribution for 10,000 accounts! We’re beyond thrilled to reach this milestone as we’ve been on the market for only one year. But clearly there is a huge need being filled by attribution software, and we couldn’t be happier to be one of the[…]
Impression attribution

Need Impression Attribution? It’s Here.

LeadsRx is excited to release some great news!  The LeadsRx platform now supports impression tracking for most ad serving platforms.  With this latest news, this solidifies LeadsRx as the most comprehensive attribution platform supporting SMBs all the way to global enterprises.  We now track impressions for display ads, TV/radio ads, Point of Sale and just[…]
Affiliate marketing

Why Affiliate Attribution is the Next Cool Thing

Affiliate marketing, what is it? Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. The industry has four core players: the merchant (also known as ‘retailer’ or ‘brand’), the network (that contains offers for the[…]
Attribution in 2017

Attribution: What’s in Store for 2017

Attribution: the “A” word that everyone is talking about.  From Gartner to Forester to most agencies, marketing attribution is one of most covered predictions for success in 2017. The current state of attribution For most marketers, marketing attribution is not a new concept, but instead is a concept that has only been available to large enterprises spending[…]
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