automotive attribution

Why Connecting Online and Offline Channels Through Attribution is So Important

The way that customers interact with brands has changed a lot over the last decade, particularly when it comes to high-dollar purchases. Customers use more channels to engage with brands while having detailed product research just a Google search away. This can present some interesting challenges for automotive attribution, jewelry stores, and even online universities.[…]
Cross-device tracking

Cross-Device Tracking in Light of the GDPR? It’s Possible.

Just as marketing tools and systems have made it increasingly simple for companies to identify and track visitors on their websites, current and upcoming regulations around the world are making this a more complicated task. Cross-device tracking in particular can be a challenge. If you work in marketing there is a good chance that you[…]
b2b attribution

Using Marketing Attribution To Boost B2B Sales

Marketing attribution isn’t just for B2C. In fact, using attribution to measure your B2B marketing efforts can provide deeper insights into your marketing operations than are often seen in B2C applications. Longer sales cycle times and more complex customer journeys for B2B customers make proper attribution indispensable. The majority of companies that assign attribution to[…]
Attribution for agencies

Attribution for agencies – become strategic without the suit and tie

Ad agencies need to start thinking like their client company CMOs. Clients don’t care about ad click-thru-rates; they simply want more customers and more sales. Here’s how agencies can use attribution tools to prove their influence on a client’s bottom line while also opening the door to a much more profitable and strategic relationship. Do[…]
Customer acquisition

Attribution and enterprise customer acquisition: the dream is reality

Good attribution tools help you measure a plethora of touchpoints, all the way down the funnel. You’ll finally be able to make customer acquisition a streamlined, enterprise-wide activity. It’s what your CEO has always dreamed of.   When attribution is a gimmick, and when it’s so much more Here’s an important question: is marketing attribution[…]
Attribution for Salesforce

B2B Marketers: Don’t Forget Attribution for Salesforce

Attribution for Salesforce means going beyond MQL’s.  It means including all stages of the sales pipeline in attribution models like trials, demos, calls and of course “Won Opportunities”. B2B companies take note: attribution requires a tight integration.  We are at an historical point in B2B marketing history. Marketing attribution enables marketing teams to deliver incredible[…]
Radio attribution

Radio Attribution – Time to Turn Up The Volume (Part 2 of 2)

Nowadays, radio advertisements can be analyzed just as easily as their digital counterparts. Measure Lift, Day Part Performance, and Time Decay of your radio ads. It’s time to pump up the volume! Say Hello to Halo The first terrestrial radio broadcast took place on Christmas Eve 1906. More than a hundred years later, radio ads[…]
Last touch attribution

Last touch attribution – close the deal now!

When it comes to different attribution models, last touch attribution has had a questionable reputation resulting in many marketers avoiding it altogether. But the model is more potent than its reputation would have you believe, and in some cases, it’s actually your best option. Read on to learn when and where to use last touch[…]
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