Radio attribution

Radio Attribution – Time to Turn Up The Volume (Part 2 of 2)

Nowadays, radio advertisements can be analyzed just as easily as their digital counterparts. Measure Lift, Day Part Performance, and Time Decay of your radio ads. It’s time to pump up the volume! Say Hello to Halo The first terrestrial radio broadcast took place on Christmas Eve 1906. More than a hundred years later, radio ads[…]
Last touch attribution

Last touch attribution – close the deal now!

When it comes to different attribution models, last touch attribution has had a questionable reputation resulting in many marketers avoiding it altogether. But the model is more potent than its reputation would have you believe, and in some cases, it’s actually your best option. Read on to learn when and where to use last touch[…]
Strategic attribution tools

Is marketing attribution strategic?

With thousands of MarTech products available, is having a marketing attribution tool really necessary? When you realize it builds a reliable bridge between brand and customer, it is no longer a “nice to have.” It becomes indispensable for making strategically sound decisions about customer acquisition at large. Last month, the 2018 edition of the famous[…]
Online and offline attribution

Online and offline attribution: friends at last

The saying, “what happens offline stays offline” is no more. Marketers can now use attribution to measure the influence of offline ads against online sales, and the other way around. The all-round transparency marketers always dreamed of has become a reality. Offline is less advanced, but not less important Automated customer journeys and omni-channel cross-device[…]
The future of marketing attribution

Where Marketing Attribution is Going in 2019 and Beyond

We expect to see huge opportunities in marketing attribution in the near future. Start making the right preparations today, to be ahead of the pack next year. Subscribe in a reader Almost all industries and professions will see an increase in automation of tasks in the future. An intriguing report by McKinsey on “The Technical[…]
Google Analytics attribution

Why Google Analytics will fail to help optimize your website

Good websites turn visitors into customers. Using attribution tools instead of just Google Analytics, you can measure which touchpoints boost sales and know exactly where you should improve your site next. The majority of companies rely on Google Analytics to measure how their website influences the top of the marketing funnel. But what you really[…]
First touch attribution

First Touch Attribution – Find New Customers

Getting the most out of your First Touch Attribution Model is easy. Here are two common use cases for the First Touch Attribution Model. Doing marketing attribution always starts with collecting customer data. When you’ve collected your first data,you’ll have to decide which attribution model is most suitable for your objectives. Question is, how do[…]
Multi-touch attribution

When to Use Single Touch Versus Multi-Touch Attribution Models

Both Single and Multi-touch attribution models have their place in marketing analytics. It’s just a matter of knowing when to use one versus the other. Around 65% of marketers have an attribution model in place. In many articles, single and multi-touch attribution are presented as opposites, being good or bad.  The result of describing the[…]
Marketing attribution tools

Using Marketing Attribution For Newbies – 5 Steps

Marketers are increasingly held accountable for their department’s impact on the bottom line. Making the shift from wild guesses to controlled performance measurement is a great leap forward, or rather, it’s just five small steps. Here’s how to get started with marketing attribution. Learning to spend both halves effectively Measuring marketing performance has been a[…]
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