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RadioCares Infographic

Feeding America Radiothon Raises More than a Half-Million Dollars

The 24-hour Feeding America Emergency Radiothon organized by RadioCares.org not only showed the power of radio, but more importantly the generosity of thousands of citizens across the U.S. who donated more than $500,000 April 30th. DJs from 10,000 stations urged listeners to support Feeding America, the organization that provides funding to hundreds of food banks across America.

We at LeadsRx were happy to play a small part in the effort by providing real-time attribution insights that tracked donations as they came in, what cities and regions of the country they were coming from, and offering a synopsis of the radiothon data to anyone who signed up to receive it.

The accompanying graphic hits the highlights of the generosity of everyone involved, including which radio stations, states, and metro areas were the top contributors – along with top marketing channels and donations-per-hour numbers.

The more than half-million dollars in donations is enough to provide 5 million meals to Americans living with hunger, with 13,000 people visiting the radiocares.org website. To everyone who participated by donating or getting the word out, a humble thank you.

Attribution infographic by LeadsRx | PDF | HD Image

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