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Marketing in the Era of Coronavirus

Marketing in the Era of Coronavirus

There will be many times of uncertainty in every marketer's career. From new competitive threats and industry shake-ups, to product shortcomings and internal politics, we've all faced or will face situations that are unfamiliar and that can't be resolved based solely on our experience and instinct. Perhaps no time of uncertainty will ever have the global reach of today's Coronavirus pandemic. I hope not. This is beyond our wildest fears and hits us at both a personal and a business level....

Impression Tracking: Display Ad Attribution with LeadsRx

Impression Tracking: Display Ad Attribution with LeadsRx

Display ad impressions have often been a difficult channel to attribute back to conversions. It is analogous to the issues with TV and Radio attribution: how do you know if customers were influenced by seeing your message if they don't interact? The answer to this question is to track the impression data of that ad set and bring it back into your attribution modeling. When a tracking pixel is included each time ads are served, then customers who were shown that ad will have their attribution...

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