New LeadsRx Privacy Studio™ Expands Support to Additional Cloud Service Platforms to Create Data Clean Rooms

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  • IT teams can build Data Clean Rooms with support for all major cloud services providers
  • IT has full data governance over consumer data within standard SaaS architecture

Portland, Ore., October 26, 2021LeadsRx  – a leading provider of multi-touch marketing attribution and customer journey analytics software and services – today announced support for additional cloud service platforms within its LeadsRx Privacy Studio™ architecture. This new support capability enables IT organizations greater flexibility in choosing a system to host Data Clean Rooms (DCR) that house marketing analytics data, further protecting sensitive consumer data.

In addition to existing support for Amazon Web Services, LeadsRx has expanded support for the following cloud service platforms:

  • Google Cloud
  • IBM Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Oracle Cloud
  • DigitalOcean
  • Rackspace Cloud

As marketing teams continue their use of advanced analytics such as multi-touch attribution and customer journey mapping, many will choose to store this data outside of the traditional Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) architecture and instead use a private Data Clean Room (DCR). This move allows full data governance over consumer data according to corporate policy and demands. LeadsRx Privacy Studio™ is one of the first SaaS solutions that offers DCR capabilities natively.

“With marketing teams collecting more and more first-party data about their consumers, storing this information in ways that allow complete, corporate data-governance is essential,” said AJ Brown, co-founder, and CEO of LeadsRx. “Demands from consumers to protect their private information are growing, and architectures like LeadsRx Privacy Studio give enterprises this ability within the framework of SaaS.”

Helping IT regain control of systems and meet corporate policies around data privacy, Data Clean Rooms provide reassurance that data is kept safe and not made available to nefarious actors. At the same time, proper use of data allows trusted players to provide personalized experiences customers want and expect.

In a recent survey that asked more than 2,000 Americans “Do you believe companies are using your personal information responsibly?”, McKinsey & Company found only 33% of respondents said “yes,” while 42% said “no,” and 25% said “I don’t know.”

“Consumers have an expectation that the information they provide on websites and within apps is held safe and secure, but typical SaaS architectures co-mingle this data making it impossible to provide governance in accordance with the individual corporate policy of the companies collecting it,” Brown said. “A new architecture is required to allow greater control over consumer privacy while maintaining the benefits of SaaS.”

For more details on LeadsRx security and privacy, please click here.

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