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LeadsRx Transforms Multichannel Marketing; Adds Integration with Salesforce, Optimizely, Hubspot and CallRail

May 9, 2016, Portland, OR: LeadsRx, a marketing attribution SaaS company, today announced that it now provides integrated conversion tracking support for leading sales and marketing technologies. LeadsRx now includes multichannel ROI analytics support for Salesforce, Optimizely, Hubspot and CallRail. With today’s news, LeadsRx’s industry leading multichannel analytics platform enables marketers to increase conversions, find wasted ad spend, and track the performance of their campaigns across channels and tools.

“LeadsRx gives me comprehensive ROI insights across multiple touchpoints, channels and tools. In one view, I can connect the dots between marketing programs, conversions, and revenue all in one easy to use tool,” said Glen Livingston, Chief Revenue Officer for Noosh, a leading provider of Content Marketing solutions.

LeadsRx now provides marketing attribution support across these leading martech tools:

  • Now delivering sales funnel attribution with Salesforce integration
    Access to Salesforce records enables LeadsRx customers to attribute Salesforce opportunities, wins and revenue to specific marketing campaigns and ad spends.
  • Now delivering marketing automation attribution with HubSpot integration
    Marketers can now automatically capture HubSpot lead nurturing profile data directly into the LeadsRx platform for more detailed, demographic segmentation insights.
  • Now delivering landing page attribution with Optimizely integration
    Marketers can now dynamically modify the content of their websites and online offers based on previous conversions using Optimizely audiences and LeadsRx conversion data.
  • Now delivering offline sales call attribution with CallRail integration
    Marketers can now link offline phone sales conversions to their original marketing campaign source using both static phone numbers and dynamic number insertion.

“With these latest integrations, LeadsRx becomes the first SaaS marketing vendor to include a unified ROI reporting dashboard across the entire sales and marketing funnel, from inbound sales calls to lead nurturing emails and landing pages to wins tracked in Salesforce,” said AJ Brown, CEO of LeadsRx. “By supporting these best of breed marketing technologies, LeadsRx enables marketers to work within preferred systems to gain an end-to-end, cross-channel perspective of their advertising performance.”

The company also announced they are working on new integrations with Google AdWords, AdRoll, and Facebook to retrieve real-time cost data from these systems as part of a complete ROI analysis.

About LeadsRx: LeadsRx, a multi-channel marketing attribution SaaS platform, provides marketers an unparalleled unified view of campaign performance across channels and the marketing tech stack. Using LeadsRx, marketers are making smarter, faster decisions about the mix of marketing campaigns that drive revenue for their companies.

For more information please contact:
Jeff Fishburn
Fishburn PR for LeadsRx
+1 (503) 799-1988

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