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A lot of marketers want attribution to help optimize ad spend while also finding new customers. But if you're not aware of how to use attribution correctly, you might be missing the mark. Download this complimentary report and see how one online retailer discovered their "aha" moment in attribution.

  • Find out how to go beyond top-line numbers to bottom-line ROAS
  • Look at Google and Facebook in an apples-to-apples comparison
  • Learn how to find better customers with attribution

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With LeadsRx, I no longer have to guess which marketing campaigns are bringing in all the leads. The answer was obvious with just one look at the dashboard!

John M. Shanebrook, Zooza Corporation

More than 16,000 websites and landing pages have used LeadsRx

Marketing attribution has moved into the mainstream with thousands of companies now using LeadsRx marketing attribution software as part of their Enterprise Customer Acquisition strategy. From large multichannel promoters to first-time advertisers, marketers around the world are making attribution part of their core marketing technology stack.