An Architecture That Empowers IT & Fuels Marketing Programs

Use analytics to power your marketing efforts, but do so in a way that allows IT to control and protect valuable consumer data

LeadsRx Privacy Studio™ is available to IT teams and establishes a Data Clean Room (DCR) that houses and makes available the anonymous and first-party data needed to drive analytic software. The architecture allows IT to fully control data governance according to corporate policy while also enabling full analytic access through SaaS applications.

DCRs are necessary considering demands from consumers to keep their information private and for businesses to be compliant with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA and other regulations for security and privacy throughout Europe, the US, and worldwide. For marketing analytics software in particular, consumer trust is a key responsibility as systems gather important data about how consumers arrive to websites, view content, purchase products, and more. While such data can be left as anonymous data points, marketers often need to associate specific identities to validate results. This creates a vulnerability when data is stored within vendor platforms, which often do not adhere to enterprise-specific data governance policy.

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