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Watch your marketing ROI skyrocket using attribution software from LeadsRx

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Watch your marketing ROI skyrocket using attribution software from LeadsRx

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Allocate marketing spend to programs that work and eliminate those that don't

Increasing revenue, improving efficiency, and creating a more personalized multichannel customer journey are top concerns for just about every CMO. According to Gartner, attribution modeling can yield 20-30% improvement by helping to optimize media spend.

Your solution requires tracking the performance of all marketing touchpoints across all channels, for all customer acquisition events. Sound complicated? Not with the LeadsRx attribution platform. Install our universal conversion tracking pixel, relax while data is collected, start optimizing.

Increase revenue when you know what's driving conversions

It isn't enough to simply look at who clicked on what last. Today's buyers come in contact with a variety of marketing touchpoints, so attribution models need to consider the entire customer journey, not just the last web session.

Increasing revenue means connecting the dots between marketing touchpoints and customer acquisition events with LeadsRx. With an emphasis on conversion marketing and not just click-throughs, LeadsRx tracks conversion events like form submissions, product purchases, and even in-bound phone calls to determine which marketing efforts are delivering true success.

Optimize media spend across all channels

Marketers use LeadsRx to compare online marketing to offline, inbound to outbound, direct to channel. With complete analysis of Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS), LeadsRx provides the insights you need to confidently cut the programs that aren't producing conversions and to allocate more spend to the ones that are. Get real-time calculations of customer acquisition costs, spend by channel, and even resulting revenue.

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Marketers who use LeadsRx increase conversion rates and reduce acquisition costs to improve overall Return on Ad Spend and the bottom line.

More than 5,000 accounts use LeadsRx

Marketing attribution has moved into the mainstream with thousands of companies now using the LeadsRx universal conversion tracking pixel to monitor customer acquisition events. From large multichannel promoters to first-time advertisers, marketers around the world are making attribution part of their core marketing technology stack.

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See how to attribute conversions to your marketing efforts with a "conversion marketing" approach. Eliminate wasted ad spend and optimize promotions that are working well.