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Glen Livingston

CRO, Noosh

The Report Card gave me actionable insights across all our ad campaigns. I can easily see which campaigns we should reinvest in and which ones to discontinue.

Ram Srinivasan

Advisor, Zettata

LeadsRx gave us the confidence to initiate several new advertising programs. With constant feedback on performance, our ads were always optimized for our budget.

What you'll get

A free weekly report, including a final grade on up to 10 of your online advertising campaigns, plus:

  • Overall Performance Grade

    Find out how your entire ad spend is performing with an overall grade of all your campaigns.
  • Campaign Performance

    The report card grades campaigns based on conversion counts and conversion rates.
  • Recommendations

    Kill a campaign or double down? Based on your campaign performance, you'll get actionable recommendations.
  • Ad Spend Savings

    A "Detention List" identifies which campaigns could be wasted ad spend and can be dropped for immediate savings.
  • Conversion Counts by Campaign

    Visual reporting of conversion totals by campaign.
  • Visual Reporting

    Easy to scan reports with overall week-over-week performance and ideal days for conversion opportunities.

How the online advertising report card works

LeadsRx watches for click-throughs from your advertising programs and then monitors a visitor's actions to see if they fill out any of your web forms. If they do, this is counted as a "conversion" and is considered a success! LeadsRx will automatically look for form submissions on your website and track visitors back to the advertising they came from.

Sample Report Card

LeadsRx works with all your advertising partners

AdWords We'll automatically look for paid-search advertising on sites like Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and more.
Mailchimp Send email blasts with products like MailChimp, Marketo, Hubspot, and Constant Contact. We'll track them all when you include UTM parameters.
Facebook Referred visits from social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more can all be found automatically by LeadsRx.